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Kotaro Watanabe in the Japanese universe of ” Road to the Multiverse ” Brian Griffin is an 8-year old talking white Labrador who has lived with the Griffin family since Peter picked him up as a stray. He also possesses various anthropomorphic qualities, such as the ability to speak intelligently, drive a car, and walk bipedally. The Untold Story , he used the phrase “Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here? He also has a particularly sharp wit. Peter is his best friend, despite Brian’s vastly superior intelligence. On several occasions, Brian has had to explain Peter’s inability to do various things, such as haggling over prices in ” Chitty Chitty Death Bang “. Brian has a cultured background; he loves opera and jazz, and is a fan of John Coltrane. Brian speaks fluent French and Tagalog, and is competent in Spanish.

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Tigress as a baby girl in ” Kung Fu Day Care ” Tigress was left at the doorstep of the Bao Gu Orphanage for unknown reasons by her biological parents when she was an infant. However, the residents of the orphanage lived in fear of her due to her violent temper and frightening strength. One night, Tigress escaped from the room and innocently approached the children in an attempt to play.

However, her fangs and claws scared them off, and a rejected Tigress once again lost her temper. After being put in an isolated room, Tigress soon began to see herself as a monster, as everyone else did. Unsure of what could be done with the tiger cub, the caretakers summoned the aid of Master Shifu.

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Share This troper has had a foot fetish for as long as he can recall He loves to give foot massages, very much so, and likes feet that have high arches and good-looking toes. In addition, his now ex girlfriend had sensitive feet, so it was a real pleasure for him to, ahem, service her whenever she came over to visit. These days, though, he hasn’t had much opportunity to practice his massage technique, but maybe the next girlfriend he gets, or when he gets married, hmm, hmm, hmm She also had an ex-boyfriend with a foot fetish.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

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Moammar Morris “Moe” Szyslak pronounced “siz-lack” , also known as Moe the Bartender born November 24 , is the proprietor and bartender of ” Moe’s Tavern “, a Springfield bar frequented by Homer and his friends. He has once stated that he moved to Springfield from the Netherlands. Moe is portrayed as often irritable and rude to all except his bar friends Homer, Lenny , Carl , and Barney. His easy-to-lose harsh temper usually turns down women and finding a girlfriend for Moe has therefore been a running joke, from indulged sexual abstinence to unsuccessful suicide attempts to dating generally rejected women.

However, contrary to his personality, Moe has been seen helping others in need. These include saving marooned school children, giving food to a famished village, and saving people from a rampaging flood. He is sometimes shown in a love pyramid with Homer, Marge , Ned , and himself. Contents [ show ] Biography Moe Szyslak was born on November

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Role-playing games[ edit ] Albedo Anthropomorphics has had multiple role-playing game adaptations over the years. The current version, Albedo , is published by Sanguine Productions. Furry characters live in their own version of the real world circa the 15th century. A previous edition by Gold Rush Games was published in Based on the award-winning Mouse Guard comic book and graphic novel series by David Petersen. It uses a variation of the Burning Wheel system and features a world inhabited by mouses.

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Season 1 Pacifica wins the party crown contest by cheating. Pacifica makes her debut in ” Double Dipper ” at the Mystery Shack’s party. Soos , the DJ for the evening, announces that there will be a karaoke contest and that the winner will win the party crown. Pacifica walks up to demand the crown, as she believes nobody can beat her. When Mabel asks Candy and Grenda who she is, Candy explains that Pacifica is the most popular girl in town.

When Soos explains that he can’t simply give Pacifica the crown because she has to win the contest, she scoffs, asking Soos who would dare to compete against her: When Mabel steps up to the challenge and introduces herself, Pacifica refuses her offered handshake and scoffs that “[Mabel] sounds like a fat old lady’s name”. She competes against Mabel in various events to decide who parties the hardest, refusing Mabel’s attempts at friendliness and even commenting that Grenda’s voice is “like a professional wrestler’s”.

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Dossier Edit Tali was born in aboard the Rayya. Having reached maturity, she departed the Migrant Fleet on her Pilgrimage. On her travels she began hearing reports of geth , who had never ventured beyond the Perseus Veil since driving her people into exile, and became curious. She tracked a patrol of geth to an uncharted planet, waited until one was separated from its unit, then disabled it and removed its memory core.

Niall (born: May 14, [age 21]), better known online as Pyrocynical or just Pyro, is a British YouTuber, and commentator, who was known to be an early adopter of the well known coloured border that sorrounds video clips shown during commentary videos.

Tawna is a character from the Crash Bandicoot series. She appeared prominently in three Crash games: Crash Bandicoot , Crash Boom Bang! Sane Trilogy remaster of the first game. She has cameo appearances in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex and Crash Twinsanity. Neo Cortex and Dr. Crash escapes, falling out a window and waking up on N. However, he is driven by the motivation to win the heart of the female bandicoot, so he decides to thwart Cortex’s plans and rescue her.

Throughout the game, Tawna is used as a hostage in order to get Crash to come back – Tawna Tokens can be acquired from opening crates , and once three are collected, they teleport Crash to the treetops. There, Tawna is waiting until Crash gets close, where she is whisked away from his reach. A picture of Tawna is seen in The Great Hall and can be seen only if the player has acquired at least six gems.

In the end, she is either reunited with Crash on Cortex’s blimp or on a balcony canonically the former. Warped and The Wrath of Cortex There is a picture of Tawna in Crash’s house on the fireplace, meaning that he may still have feelings for her.

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I guess it’s just in my genes. Oh, wait, I’m not wearing jeans. Gasp I should get some jeans! Lola talks a mile-a-minute, can be absent-minded on occasion, super friendly, and has a way of getting what she wants.

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Appearance Toriel with her reading glasses, seen on the title screen if the protagonist spares her. Toriel is a Boss Monster whose head resembles a white-furred Nubian Goat , structured with droopy ears and short horns. She has a pair of visible fangs and long eyelashes, and her irises have a dark red tint. She has an anthropomorphic body, with paws at the end of her limbs. She wears a long purple robe that displays the Delta Rune on her chest.

Toriel is seen with her reading glasses, one instance being in her house when reading a book on snail facts. Personality Toriel is a kind monster that acts as a protective mother for the protagonist. She employs tough love on the protagonist as well as Asgore. She cares for children and was excited to become a mother.

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