Florence, South Carolina

Waters came to Florence from North Carolina in and began working at a local furniture store. Before long, Waters bought his own furniture business, which came with a funeral home. At the time, these two types of companies were often linked, as caskets came from furniture stores. This three-story building was built as a result, housing not just a furniture store and funeral parlor, but also space for his son, Dr. Charles Waters, to practice dentistry. Waters, who also served as mayor of Florence, died in In , Key Architecture began making renovations to the storied building; it now serves multiple purposes as office space, gallery space, and an annex of the Florence County Museum. The Florence Downtown Historic District is a collection of thirty commercial buildings, of which twenty-four are contributing buildings and six are non-contributing buildings. This area contains the majority of the late nineteenth to early twentieth century architecture remaining in the city. Most buildings are two-story brick buildings with embellished cornices.

State Park Gem – Little Pee Dee State Park

And awareness starts with people engaged in an intimate relationship—whether married or cohabitating—asking themselves tough questions. The program is certified by the South Carolina Department of Social Services to provide domestic violence offender intervention throughout the Pee Dee Region. Many participants grew up witnessing domestic abuse or violence and believe that is an acceptable or normal way to cope with their emotions.

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Leigh Show more https: The radiocarbon ages were compared to previously reported Late Pleistocene ages for braid bars and eolian dunes. Results indicate that meandering commenced at circa 15, to 16, cal years BP and continued throughout the terminal Pleistocene and Holocene. Correlation with other paleoenvironmental records indicates that this shift to meandering was associated with global warming and moister conditions in the southeastern United States that led to a denser vegetation cover and a reduction in sediment yield.

The shift to meandering was also associated with some incision and terracing of the Late Pleistocene braided fluvial surfaces. Paleodischarge of the bankfull condition of early Holocene meandering channels was apparently greater than under modern conditions, suggesting wetter conditions at that time than at present. This braided to meandering transition in the southeastern United States provides an example of river response to global climate change in a relatively low latitude region of the world that was not influenced by glacial or periglacial landscape conditions.

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Find this Pin and more on Pee Dee Sites by Florence, SC. See this larger-than-life boll weevil at the South Carolina Cotton Museum, located in Downtown Bishopville! The SC Cotton Museum is a major interpretive site preserving the legacy of cotton and rural life.

Although perhaps not as environmentally heterogeneous as neighboring states, South Carolina does include some land form diversity. The rather low fall line runs diagonally across the middle of the state, from Cheraw in the northeast, through the capital city of Columbia, to Augusta GA in the southwest. Thus the state may be divided into its Atlantic Coastal Plain Province in the southeast and its Piedmont Province through most of the northwest.

The three most northwestern counties of the state contact a third physiographic province, the Blue Ridge. There is a small strip of USDA plant hardiness zone 8b average annual minimum temperature 15 — 20 degrees C along the southern coast. The surface geology of South Carolina is almost entirely sedimentary and quite sandy, with small regions of Paleozoic granite in the extreme northwest. There are three major river systems, all of which originate in the mountains of western North Carolina and flow southeast to the Atlantic: The state also contains several smaller coastal plain drainages: The state was deforested by timber interests beginning in the early eighteenth century, and intensive row crop agriculture through the ensuing years led to severe erosion.

The first half of the twentieth century saw most of the major rivers impounded for hydroelectric power. The Savannah River was dammed at four points upstream from Augusta, creating a series of lakes from its headwaters to the fall line. Although the Pee Dee River has escaped impoundment in South Carolina, several large dams in North Carolina have doubtless impacted its habitat quality.

The Act Of Saying Good-Bye

Visitors to the Old Slave Mart Museum can learn about the history of the domestic slave trade in Charleston, as well as about African-Americans who passed through its gates and their contribution to American society and culture. The best Charleston museum is the city itself. You can see where signers of the Declaration of Independence lived, the site where politicians decided South Carolina should withdraw from the United States and where Dubose Heyward lived.

If you have a few hours to kill in the Holy City, check out Explore Charleston or Historic Walking Tour for walking tours you can print out or follow along on your phone. The starting point is the Charleston Museum founded in

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He recently revisited the area and wrote this article as a result. The oldest baldcypress trees ever found are located on the Black River in Pender and Bladen Counties. Tree-ring dating, or dendrochronology, has been used to prove that some of those old baldcypress are over 1, years old. A few may be over 2, years old, but this will be difficult to prove because many of the oldest trees suffer some degree of heart rot.

Nevertheless, only a handful of tree species worldwide have been proven to live for more than 1, years. The exceptional age of the Black River baldcypress trees has been known since when we first extracted small core samples from some of the old trees core sampling does not seriously harm these ancient cypress. Microscopic analysis of the annual growth rings proved their great age and measurements of the dated growth rings have been used to develop a chronology of growing season rainfall for North Carolina dating back to A.

We returned to the Black River last June and got a much better impression of the true size and significance of these ancient cypress wetlands. It has been 20 years since our last visit and we were amazed to see so many super ancient cypress along the river. In many areas along the Black it is possible to turn in a circle and see 10 to 20 baldcypress trees over 1, years old.

This density of millennium-old trees is rare in any forest worldwide. Although a dozen or so species can live for more than 1, years, most of these old growth stands have very few individual trees in the oldest age class.

Radiocarbon Dating Principles

Is it just Beaufort County or does it include Charleston, too? A post shared by Steven Nelson stevenelson5 on Jun 27, at 4: The park marks where the Revolutionary War battle of Kings Mountain marked one of the first major victories for the patriots at the time. However, some may have heard the mid-state called by another name: The Sand Hills originally marked the upper region of the coastal plain that goes westward toward Georgia and Virginia.

Theresa E. McReynolds Undeformed granitic intrusions dating to approximately million years ago constrain the GEOLOGY. MCREYNOLDS 10 Dee drainages of the Yadkin-Pee Dee River basin; and the Drowning Creek and Waccamaw drainages of the Lumber River basin (Figure ).

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Pee Dee Healthy Start, Inc.

Satellite centers are located in each county where services are available on a hour basis through the center or the toll-free crisis line. It is the belief of Pee Dee Coalition that the reduction of family violence, sexual assault and child abuse is a community issue and concerns the total community — not only women — not only service providers — but all who value the basic human desire to be free from physical threat and harm.

Structure and Funding Pee Dee Coalition is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors reflecting the diversity of the service area.

range for relative to the Pee Dee belemnite (PDB) standard of the Univ. of Chicago has been established as to %0, an average of %, for wood and most terrestrial plant materials.

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And Dee becomes stuck right after that when she crashes into him. And other kids start sliding down the slide, crashing into them.

The Great Pee Dee River