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See these examples on Flickr. On the other hand, an inexpensive tripod is worth getting, especially if you have shaky hands like mine. When I got a tripod, my satisfaction with my shots skyrocketed. Keep your camera with you all the time. Photo ops often come when you least expect it. If you can keep your equipment relatively simple — just a small camera bag and a tripod — you might be able to take advantage of some of those unexpected opportunities.

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Im Rahmen der Europawoche vom 8. Mai um 12 Uhr im Oberen Foyer der Zentralbibliothek. Interessierte sind herzlich wilkommen! Die Ukraine hat das Wort Am Donnerstag, den 1. Weitere Informationen finden sie hier.

Bamberg Travel Guide Day 2 The next morning we visited the Bamberg Tourist Office, which was extremely helpful. We rented MP3 players and embarked on a self-guided audio tour of Bamberg, hitting the highlights of this charming city.

Germany —present 17th century 3D-map of Bamberg. Matthias Merian in Danckerts, Historis, During the post- Roman centuries of Germanic migration and settlement, the region afterwards included in the Diocese of Bamberg was inhabited for the most part by Slavs. The town, first mentioned in , grew up by the castle Babenberch which gave its name to the Babenberg family. On their extinction it passed to the Saxon house.

Henry II ordered the building of a new cathedral , which was consecrated 6 May The church was enriched with gifts from the pope , and Henry had it dedicated in honor of him. Michael” , near Bamberg, a Benedictine abbey for the training of the clergy. The emperor and his wife Kunigunde gave large temporal possessions to the new diocese, and it received many privileges out of which grew the secular power of the bishop.

While he was here he placed the diocese in direct dependence on the Holy See. He also personally consecrated some of Bamberg’s churches. For a short time Bamberg was the centre of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Sunday, November 3 Today we are in Kalocsa, Hungary where we went by bus to visit the Paprika Museum where we learned about the history of paprika and its use. It was first brought to the area in the 16th century by the Turks and is now a dominant spice in Hungarian kitchens. Our tour guide Gregory gave us his recipe for Goulash as follows: Cook onion and beef in oil.

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Tweet My girlfriend and I recently vacationed in Zurich. And then they shake hands and sleep in two separate very sturdy beds. Beyond the pragmatic, stoic nature of the Swiss, Switzerland has one other major issue: I mean my girlfriend and I were walking down a street in Zurich and saw, in a shop window, a coat hanger that cost 45 francs. The dollar-to-franc exchange rate, for those who are curious, is roughly one-to-one.

So they wanted 45 dollars for a coat hanger. My girlfriend and I arrived in Zurich on a Saturday night and immediately began seeing them. An old Cadillac Eldorado here; a s Caprice there. Remember that rather awful Buick Regal they made from to ? And as you can see below, the Swiss also have the Buick Skylark, despite the best efforts of General Motors to make sure they fell apart after about seven years. Even more interestingly, the Swiss keep all of these cars in absolutely perfect condition.

This has happened only twice in history: I have no idea how much that is! I can verify this because I had a BMW d rental car in Switzerland, and filling it up required payment via cash, credit, or kidney.


Take Derek and Alex of Hippo Beers, for example. The Hippo Beers boys are driven by their love of beer and their passion for their product seeps from every pore. The Hippo Beers boys are ale evangelists and craft converters.

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Wedding Tips for Marrying a German: My wife is German. We got married in the States and it was awesome. So awesome, in fact, I was inspired to write this blog post for the benefit of every American who has married — or is about to marry — a German person while in the United States of America. In fact, the wedding process will most likely be a totally smooth and completely awesome experience… with the exception of these 5 little details of which you should probably be aware before you bring your German over to the United States to get hitched: Until very recently, giving diamond engagement rings was a tradition largely ignored here in Germany.

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They enjoy dairy products. The refrigerated section of their supermarkets are homages to experimentations with yoghurt and quark. They will put a cheese or cream-based sauce with most things. Sauerkraut is both enjoyed and oft consumed, as per the universal expectation. Germans have excellent winter wardrobes perhaps because German winters are endless. They cannot be late.

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Joris talked us through a selection of Belgian beers. We enjoyed Duvel, McChouffe, DeKoninck, Bourgogne des Flandres, and most interesting for me, Mort Subite — not the usual sweetened gueuze that brand is known for, but the traditional Oude Gueuze which was really rather nice. I had a slight cold so can make only very general comments on the flavour. It was, surprisingly, satisfyingly bitter with a creamy mouthfeel.

It is bittered with Hallertau to 21 units of bitterness, and Saaz hops for aroma. There is a school of thought that maintains Stella Artois was once much better than it is now. I myself am not convinced it was ever great, but if you do believe that it was, creating a new product, with the character and quality that its rival once had, seems to me a perfectly respectable strategy, and, in my view, laudable.

It is a positive thing for breweries to put more flavour into their beer, rather than taking it out. Why the PR people have then decided to dress the story up with extraneous and more than dubious historical decoration is beyond me. This is a spectacular historical discovery, meaning that Belgian monasteries were on a level with the Bavarians in developing lager beer and several centuries in advance of Josef Groll at Pilsner Urquell with a pale one.

Sadly, I think we will be waiting for documentation of these claims for quite some time yet. It was very nice of Joris to take time to meet a handful of bloggers and bring us some beers to taste.

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The style best known from the upper Franconia Bamberg usually gets its flavours by kilning its malts over an open fire producing a very prominent smoky (mostly dominating) flavour. 6 March The Young Ones. Brewery Speed Dating at Beer Now 1 year ago Sid Boggle About Beer. Irish Craft In London – .

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Time to resurrect the blog for a timely look back through the bottom of a beer glass at the year just past. Cloudburst, in particular, was an outstanding beer and one that I hope they repeat in Hawkshead’s range of beers still impress with their quality and consistency. I’ve yet to have an iffy beer from them and long may that continue. Luckie’s Brown Ale was rather special too. Best Overseas Draught Beer I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Germany over the summer and indulged myself with many fine beers so to whittle it down to just one that stands out above the rest is an impossible task.

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History[ edit ] Veste Coburg Ehrenburg Palace , rebuilt after a catastrophic fire in , received its Gothic revival exterior in the 19th century Coburg was first mentioned in a monastic document dated , which marked the transfer of ownership to the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne , [2]: The origin of the name Coburg is unclear; the first element may be kuh, which would give a literal meaning of “cow borough”.

Its oldest remains date to the 12th or 13th century. In , the castle came into possession of the House of Henneberg and in it passed to the House of Wettin [2]: During the Diet of Augsburg in reformer Martin Luther spent six months at the castle located at the southernmost point of the Saxon duchy while his liege lord , John, Elector of Saxony , attended the Diet. Luther was forbidden to attend by the Elector, who feared that he would be imprisoned and burned as a heretic.

While quartered at the castle Luther continued with his translation of the Bible into German. In , the princely residence was moved from the Veste to a former monastery, rebuilt as a Renaissance palace , the Ehrenburg. From to , it was one of the two capitals of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld , and from — it was a capital of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. In the early 19th century, the town’s medieval fortifications were demolished and replaced by parks.

The duke also started the collection of copperplate engravings that is today part of the Veste Coburg museum. He also rebuilt the Ehrenburg in Gothic revival style.

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That’s not in my plans I can’t recall which book it was, but the moment when Steapa produces an important note and Uhtred suspects he might eat it! That damn near floored me! Andy PS – I’m looking forward to your cameo in the show.

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Videos provided by Youtube are under the copyright of their owners. This list contains brief abstracts about monuments, holiday activities, national parcs, museums, organisations and more from the area as well as interesting facts about the region itself. Where available, you’ll find the corresponding homepage. Otherwise the related wikipedia article.

Franconia The term of Franconia is today commonly used to refer to the eastern part of the historic Duchy of Franconia in Germany. It surrounds but does not include the town of Bamberg. From there the Regnitz runs northwards through the cities of Erlangen and Forchheim. It finally meets the Main in the city of Bamberg. Buildings and structures in Bamberg, Beer and breweries in Bavaria, Drinking establishments in Germany, German beer culture University of Bamberg The University of Bamberg in Bamberg, Germany, is simultaneously one of the oldest and one of the newest universities in Bavaria.

It is one of the leading institutions for business studies and social sciences in Bavaria. Der Bamberger Reiter is a life-size stone equestrian statue by an anonymous medieval sculptor in the cathedral of Bamberg, Germany. Dating probably from the time before the consecration of the cathedral’s new building in , but after , it is located on a console at the north pillar of the St.

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